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Cabling and Bracing

Cabling and bracing are done for two reasons. First, to stand a tree straight, keeping it from falling over. Second, to prevent multiple stemmed trees from splitting. When a large tree has developed with more that one trunk, there may not be adequate structural support to keep it from eventually splitting. By installing a high strength steel cable into the canapy (when possible), we can prevent splitting without any ugly cables or visible guidewire down at the base of the tree.


Pruning actually accomplishes two of the goals of tree maintenance. First, it can improve the health of your trees. When dead branches are properly removed, your tree can heal naturally. When poorly developed branches are removed, the tree can then direct its energy to the proper areas of development. Second, pruning can improve the aesthetics of your landscape and improve your properties appearance. Limbs and branches can be selectively removed to properly set your landscape and allow more sunlight to reach your lawn. Pruning limbs close to your home results in better airflow and less debris. We use arboriculture standards for pruning! Here's an example of a well pruned tree.

Example of well pruned tree by A Cut Above Tree Service

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